“When Christmas Comes” by Darius M. Ratcliff

Writings and Letters of Darius Mitteer Ratcliff

“A holy happy Christmas”, Vintage Postcard, Artist: Malcolm McGregor Jamieson, Jr.


Christmas comes to every land,

Christmas comes o’er desert sand,

Christmas comes in artic cold,

Christmas comes to Eastern fold:

What is Christmas?

Christmas comes for girls and boys,

Christmas comes with games and toys,

Christmas comes with ringing bells,

Christmas comes and  music swells:

What is Christmas?

Christmas comes to cattle shed,

Christmas comes to shepherd led,

Christmas comes to wise men afar,

Christmas comes with guiding star:

What is Christmas?

Christmas comes with Jesus’ birth,

Thus it came at first to earth;

Thus it comes to everyone,

When he by faith accepts the Son:

This is Christmas.

Image above retrieved from:

Image Title:  A holy happy Christmas. Creator: Jamieson, Malcolm McGregor, Jr. — Artist. Additional Name(s): E.P. Dutton (Firm) — Publisher Nister, Ernest — Publisher. Published Date: ca. 191-. Notes: Printed on verso: “Open to me the gates…

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