“Christmas Message – II” by Darius M. Ratcliff

Writings and Letters of Darius Mitteer Ratcliff

Wise Men presenting gifts to the Madonna and Child
by R. Anbell, 1895


 The inn was old,

And dark and gray;

A sign was up,

“No Room Today.”

A merchant prince

Was guest within,

A Levite old,

The keeper’s kin.

Unnoticed by

The guests inside,

Two strangers came,

And turned aside.

The inn must bear

The ages’ doom;

Because for Christ

It had no room.

(The angels sing

The Savior’s birth,

The dawn of joy

To men on earth.

The shepherds hear

The angels’ lay,

And haste to give

To Christ their praise.

But what of us

Who have more light?

We cannot plead

The dark of night.

In Christmas tale

Each plays a part: –

Immanuel knocks

At every heart.

Too oft he finds

The sign “No Room,”

And leaves that one

To face his doom.

When days with work

And play are filled;

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